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The story of this family started in the year 1944 in a small town named Tindivanam by our great grandfather the founder of this textile showroom, P M Rajam Chettiar. His dream and his hard work started during the Second World War and his shop was very popularly known as “Controlled Javuli Kadai” the meaning behind this title was because we used follow all the measurement rules that was told by the British government that ruled over India during the War.

War was over India was free and so was our shop! Success was on the books and the dream grew big and in the year 1987 ready wear sections were started.

The founder’s son Mr. P R Subramania who started to lead over the whole shop made new improvements and new collections were brought over and our customers became our family.

From the year 1997 Mr. P S Rangammanar the heir of the late Mr. P R Subramania lead over the shop and made it a well versed textile shopping mall for Children, Men, Boys, Girls and Women.

People from all over the near villages and towns rushed to our shop to buy clothes and ready wear and silk.

Speaking of silk we also started dealing with wedding collections and soon in the year 2008 we became the authorized dealers for the purest form of silk from Kanchepuram Murugan society who make beautiful Kanchepuram silk sarees for all occasions and after the launch of our fragrance saree in the year 2009 now this year our family has made a new discovery of our new saree named “Puspahara – garland of flowers “ – “First handloom saree in India with 32 natural colors”.

P R Subramania Chetty & Co. every year has many new schemes, sales and festivals like Summer Festival, Uniform Mela, March Sale, Pongal Festival, Deepavali Damaka sale and Block Print Festivals and more.

Now this year 2012 a new floor exclusive only for men is introduced.

We our family from P R Subramania Chetty & Co. hoping and working towards more success in the near future.

PR Subramania Chetty and Co
#17, Perumal Koil Sannathi Street,
Tindivanam - 604 001.
Phone : 04147 222 399 / 04147 226 847
E-mail :
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